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10 Best Apps For Your Next Event

There are so many event apps available these days that it might seem simpler to create your own. Endless features, options, price ranges and reviews require time and research that event planners just don’t have. Whether you’re strategizing for your non-profits next philanthropy walk, that upcoming tech summit or a “simple” conference between executives, there’s no room for oversights. The wrong app can have you delivering the meat lover’s special to your vegan CEO or creating a confusing maze of a seating chart that has everyone playing musical chairs.

Luckily, you don’t need to hold another meeting to create a POA for selecting the best event apps—we’ve done it for you. Who knew your best personal assistant was right in your phone? Here’s our Event Easy 10 best event apps list based on functionality.

And for your bonus? Every single one comes with a free trial offer. Premium apps can cost thousands of dollars, and every event planner knows you need the best bang for your buck.

1. Busy Event (



This app makes “busy events” easy with a customizable approach that’s wholly powerful. Unlike many other apps, Busy Event lets you measure data from the event for easy mining within a system that lets you put that information to use. Data becomes revenue in real-time as well as after the event. You can use it as the event manager, exhibitor, attendee or speaker. Designed to be engaging and featuring a number of pricing tiers, you’ll get a variety of venue/show floor maps to personalize, a customized agenda planner, digital tote bag for your swag and toolkits, and the ability to create a speaker directory.

2. Confui (


Confusing? No, it’s Confui—the “mobile revolution for events.” Only pay for what you use, and build a customized event app quickly where you can delegate tasks, import sponsors and exhibitors, and tap into usage statistics for better planning. Publish data to the web with ease and take advantage of in-app advertising for more profits. If you’re a 501(c)3, you can even get up to 50 percent off.

3. GeoGo (

GeoGo logotype


An app that’s all about geolocation has to have a unique location domain of its own—in this case, Tonga. Revolutionizing the mobile/wireless ecosystem, this app uses wireless mobile device detection within a key facility (like a conference center) to let you “see” venues as event planners need to: Make guest registration seamless, advertise, monitor your traffic, utilize event management tools and get analytics. You’ll be able to see what guests are searching for in real time, where they travel in a venue and how long they stay.

4. HelloCrowd (


Why “get” an app when you can build your own in minutes? You can monitor attendees and their profiles, plan your agenda with registration or session details, and connect speakers with the navigation necessary to pull off that winning speech. The session interactivity helps you and your attendees actually engage, then auto collates feedback for data mining.

5. Pathable (



The “path” to success requires a year-long engagement and an app attendees will adore. It’s actually a series of event apps that can be personalized with extensive community and networking features. Get metrics, surveys, polls and create a conference agenda that keeps everything on track. Renowned for meaningful engagement and increasing event profits, Pathable makes all things possible.

6. Presdo Match (


Talk about being a matchmaker—this app is known as the first to marry unparalleled networking with full event guides that professionals need to pull off a flawless event. This native app has built-in networking, comprehensive company directories and profiles, an activity planner, interactive maps and very easy analytics featuring before, during and after data.

7. SquadUp (



 Proof that sharing is caring, this app promises mobile first event engagement, cloud-based check-in, continuous mobile engagement and mobile event discovery/registration. Both attendees and hosts are smitten with the social event integration, with hosts having a central, personalized page where you can send invites, keep track of RSVPs, tally donations and sell tickets. Engagement is critical during all aspects of an event, and SquadUp makes it happen.

8. Tapwalk (



Event planning isn’t a cake walk—it’s a Tapwalk. With interactive, searchable maps, real time configuration, the ability to use it with or without a Wi-Fi connection, hierarchical multi-level mapping and an app that’s fully customizable to mimic your brand, event planning just got a lot simpler. Tapwalk is flexible so you only use the features you want while also being extendable—so there’s always room for scalability.

9. Topi (

In order to be top dog at event planning, you need Topi. It’s all about linking everyone at events. It’s innovative, powerful, but most of all fun. Use it to break the ice naturally, browse profiles of attendees relevant to you and to make valuable connections via a PeopleRank score. Then, stay in touch with a built-in, buildable community for networking. Language barrier? That’s no problem because Topi features 70+ languages and growing. Use geo-fences with GPS to connect around the globe, or beacons for an indoor, turn-key approach for things like check-ins and scavenger hunts.

10. Whova (

“Whoeva” thought of this networking and attendee engagement app knew a thing or two about event management. The agenda helps keep attendees on track while the check-in/comment/rating feature lets the host know what guests think—complete with analytics. Maps show everyone the way around, and customized links let you add in extra resources such as live streaming. Sponsors get the love they deserve (discreetly) and offline data storage makes auto downloading a breeze. Discover attendee profiles for networking, swap e-business cards on the fly and manage those cards and messages with ease.

The Top 10 is a list of surefire winners even the Event App Bible would approve of. You have enough to take care of with hosting. These ten ringers ensure you app(ly) yourself fully, taking out the legwork and busywork so you can focus on making the event shine.

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