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Mission2Play Mobile Laser Tag

Whether it's a large company event, birthday party, family reunion, church, scout, or school function, you'll have an awesome laser tag experience.

We provide so much more than hide-and-seek or walking through a maze of walls in the dark.  Imagine a team building activity hosted ON-SITE, where the action is concentrated around cubicles or in that big open area that is hardly ever used?  Imagine battling for strategic positions around corners, in stairways, or protecting the servers from laser assault?  Perhaps just getting outdoors is more appealing as your team spreads along the grass entrenched in a captivating session of team domination.  Whatever the preference, we bring real, exciting, collaborative entertainment right to you.

With state of the art equipment that provides unparalleled performance, missions take on meaning in a safe environment that encourages team work, physical activity, and fun.  It’s not just about running around shooting, it’s about working together to accomplish real objectives built upon principles of team and teamwork.  We provide all of this as part of a complete package that is highly customized and specific to your group and team needs.

Does your team need an activity that is truly original, incorporates team spirit, and energizes workers?  One that will be talked about long after it’s over?   Then your mission is… to play – Mission2Play Laser Tag.

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