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Tacoma Art Museum

Corporate Events

TAM’s facilities include a variety of available spaces and formats, such as a daytime board meeting, a company luncheon, a small management brainstorming session, and even more complex multi-layered retreat requiring different areas to support various elements. Hold your next “job well done” function at the museum to fashion a powerful experience for everyone involved.

Private Events at Tacoma Art Museum

The newly expanded Tacoma Art Museum, conveniently located just off I-5, presents a spectacular combination of sparkling views, downtown location, award-winning architecture, and world class works of art. The museum can accommodate events ranging from intimate gatherings of 25 to a cocktail-style standing reception for 500+ guests. Whether your event is practical or luxurious, there are many elements to consider, and our consistent onsite coordination ensures that your event will proceed smoothly from start to finish.

TAM Spaces Offer

  • Diverse art exhibitions to impress and set the mood
  • Fully accessible (ADA compliant)
  • Flexible vendor options
  • On-site parking (additional fees apply)
  • Projection and A/V sound system


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